You might have seen another review on here for Le Nouveau Monde? No I’m not repeating myself I’m guessing around a year ago the restaurant changed hands and it’s now Un Nouveau Monde. You know they’ve got a lot to live up to though right Le Nouveau Monde was a definite favourite of mine? So we were passing on Friday and taking a look at the menu. The new Owner? Manager? no idea came out and said come in come in …

Un Nouveau Monde

Now you know things are a bit weird when you’re the only people in the restaurant right? It was early though 12:00 ish and someone always has to be the first there (Even if it was a Friday)

First up they’ve done up the interior and the new chairs I found very comfortable. The menu still comes on a blackboard. The music was a bit too much like lounge music but that’s just down to personal taste no doubt.

Un Nouveau Monde Menu

The prices are just slightly above what I’m generally happy spending on lunch so for me it needs to be special (Same prices as the old restaurant)

Starter + Main – €13.90
Main + Dessert – €13.90

Starter + Main + Dessert – €16.90

(Oh Val was treating me to lunch as well)

I went with a starter and a main leaving the option open for a dessert.

I started with the Salade de Gesiers Confis et Lardon, oeuf poche et oignons rouges confis. I wasn’t disappointed. The confis des oignons was tasty.

Gesiers Oeuf Poche

Val went with the Goats cheese salad. She wasn’t so impressed with that. Our Salads were pretty much the exact same (I guess it speeds things up for the minions in the kitchen). I’m not a fan of Chicory but I’ll eat it (I guess it was the one thing I didn’t like about my starter)

Crusty Goats Cheese Salad

For the main I went with the Filet de Canard Roti sur sa peau, sauce au vin rouge avec epices douces cooked a point cus I’ve no idea how to ask for anything else 😛

Canard Roti

Now visually this looks quite nice but I wasn’t really too sure what I was eating. The green puree was I thought a green pea puree but it may have been broccoli at least that’s what I think we were told it was. It wasn’t nice at all and reminded me of the time I sampled a green bean baby pot of food for Charlotte (it was one of the last pots we bought) I’ve had to look up the white root vegetable as well the crosne which I have to admit I’m not a fan of it didn’t really add anything to the meal. The duck was beautiful … the wine sauce went very well with it.

There was a bowl of grey looking mash on the side I forgot to take a picture of. It didn’t look too appetising but was amazing once I tucked in. Very heavy on the garlic though if that’s an issue for you.

Val’s Filet Mignon was Filet Mignon. She wasn’t a fan of the veg and ended up leaving most. In all honestly I can’t blame her. The Filet Mignon was nice though it’s quite difficult to get filet mignon wrong. Again two different meals using pretty much the same base.

I opted to skip dessert and this is where Val made a mistake. She went with dessert and the caramelised apple with vanilla ice cream dessert.

Caramelised Apple

The biscuit layer was WAY too crunchy. The apple .. well you can’t really get an apple wrong (it’s filled with caramel … maybe a bit overkill) The caramel was full of sugary lumps and it was all just WAY too sweet for my liking.

All in all I’ll admit I miss the old restaurant and staff and I have some good memories from there. Val preferred the new decor. I preferred the old even if it was a bit dated. The old place seemed to have simpler dishes and with some of these it feels like they are trying a bit too hard.

We opted for a small bottle of sparkling water and just a jug of water. So I can’t comment on their wine selection. This brought the total for lunch to I think 35€ a tad on the pricey side when it’s not ticking all the boxes.

They have a small terrace outside which is right beside the tram. On a nice sunny day it’s nice to watch the trams go by though as you can see in the first picture above it is rather close.

On a side note this is the birth place of Jules Verne so you can always tell your friends you ate there 😀

Jules Verne

Today I learned … CROSNE

Though sometimes called Japanese or Chinese artichokes, these tiny, segmented tubers are native to France. The skin is edible and the flesh pleasantly crunchy, with a “water chestnut–like” texture and a “slight artichoke flavor.” Steam, boil, sauté, or roast.