On a whim I decided to try to write one hopefully interesting blog post a day for 24 days. An advent calendar of blog posts if you will, but you know what? It takes time. It has just turned midnight and I’m going to write my day 24 post. It’s going to be a bit of a round up of things though. This weekend was my little girl’s birthday so it has been busy busy busy.

Today we ended up heading to Place Royale to see Santa.

Marche De Noel Small

We’ve ended up doing it the last few years and he’s an impressive Santa. It’s also free to meet him and you end up getting a photo afterwards (as per above) and there’s a little activity for the kids where they can make a Christmas ornament.

Little hands making a Christmas Ornament

Take a spin on the carousel as well (no that one’s not free but it’s rather nice and with the cold and the dark the kids love it) it’s a two floor carousel.

Anyways if you’re on holidays or you’ve got some time off over the next few days there’s plenty to see and do.

You’ve got … Day 7: The Advent Calendar at the Castle … the Day 21: Noël aux Nefs 2018 just opened this weekend as well. If you fancy doing something a bit more sporty maybe you’d like to have a go at ice skating? 🙂 Day 20: Are you ready to get your skates on? The ice rink is here You can still visit all the other Christmas Markets. At the end of the day no you can’t visit the Day 18: The light show at the cathedral on Christmas Eve… so not on the 24th as far as I know. Doing some shopping QUICK QUICK PANIC!!! 🙂 Get into Durance …  Day 19: Buying books locally at the Librairie Durance and take a look at some of my suggestions Day 22: Oh Crap I forgot the presents! While you’re in town take a look at the Day 17: Le Mur Tombé du Ciel lives again in Nantes.

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